PNRPsvc Failed To Start, HomeGroup and Peer Name Resolution service Problems

We recently configured a custom system for a client using Windows 7 Home Premium. Everything was running great until recently when our client said they were receiving blue screen errors, and having network problems. A quick review of the error logs showed that the problems were all stemming from Peer Networking Service, PNRPsvc, and other dependent services and there failure to start. After researching the issue we found that the problem relates to a file named “idstore.sst”. This file is encrypted, and contains information relating to your Homegroup, and Homegroup settings. In our case, we believe an out dated version of Symantec corrupted the file while configurations were being made.

So our solution is as follows. First we updated our anti-virus client, as well as configured all related security services. We then deleted the following file…


You may need to show your hidden files and folders in order to navigate to this location. Once that was done we restarted the computer and again tried to configure the Homegroup. At this point our issue was resolved. We’re able to make changes in the Homegroup configuration, and our error log is clean, clear, and free of errors.

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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for this solutuion I’d been experiencing a BSOD and running Win7 I thought it was related to homegroup/network as I had a number of PNRPsvc errors in events. My girlfriends laptop (on the network also) started blue screening a day after mine and that confirmed it was a network issue for me as there were my antiV scans returned no virus issues. I deleted idstore.sst on both machines and it did the trick until now. I’ve just installed a number of MS updates and my desktop blue screened seemingly the same issue navigated to the peernetwoking folder and the idstore.sst file had returned. (I hadn’t checked the file since so I cant be sure if it had returned prior to installign the updates) I’ve just deleted it again and will montor the peernetworking folder.

  2. Vic says:

    I had the problem and your solution fixed it, thanks!

  3. Reden Martinez says:

    Thank you… my network n0w is back to normal.

  4. Mario says:


    Solved my problem completely!!

    Have a nice day,


  5. Simitar says:

    Hi, your the man! You save my day.

    Thank you


  6. john lynch says:


    Your pnrp repair service note worked great…!

    Thanks again,


  7. Cennan says:

    Thanks heaps worked a treat, problem fixed in 5 minutes

  8. Lucas Berto says:

    I love you man! kkkkkkkk
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Anastasios says:

    You saved my day! Thank you!

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